In 50 years, DSP has acquired deep and broad expertise in various industries, civil society and government. An overview of past and current clients can be found in the Clients section.

Some examples of issues DSP Advice has helped clients with:

  • Programmes for the innovative use of ICT in various economic sectors
  • Acceptance necessity of strengthening musicians’ copyright position
  • Introduction new products and service concepts in B2B and B2C
  • Interim management of organisations in technology, media, entertainment and hospitality
  • Stakeholder mapping, cataloguing information needs, developing communication strategies and planning, implementation
  • Environmental and sustainability strategy development, communication planning and management of (internal) implementation
  • Efficiency and effectiveness improvement companies, government agencies and NGOs; implementation management and internal and external stakeholder communications
  • Strategic reorientation and planning, Asian higher education institution
  • Privatisation, turnaround and strategic planning of a Russian industrial conglomerate. Communications programme.
  • Strategic reorientation and restructuring of arts and heritage institutions, including partnerships and internal revenue generation
  • Concept development repurposing industrial and cultural heritage
  • Market analysis, strategy development and business planning for international sports organisations
  • Market analysis Europe, Africa and Asia for media and technology companies
  • Risk analysis global new markets FMCG company
  • Business plans for new and existing ventures in entertainment, media, transport and hospitality.
  • Societal discussion and acceptance of new technologies
  • Monitoring, measurement and evaluation of corporate and governmental communication campaigns, adaptation and implementation