DSP Advice’s network consists of colleagues with a wide range of capabilities:


  • Strategic analysis and diagnosis
  • Strategic reorientation
  • Risk and return analysis
  • Sectoral or market-level benchmarking

Strategy Implementation

  • Interim management (turnarounds and start-ups)
  • Business planning
  • (International) market expansion
  • Mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships
  • Privatisation and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Innovation analysis and management
  • Analysis and management of political, regulatory and governmental processes
  • Urban and regional development and planning


  • Stakeholder management
  • Issues management
  • Public affairs
  • Public relations, including media relations
  • Financial communications (shareholders and other financial stakeholders)
  • Influencers (opinion makers, civic leaders, academics)
  • Public campaigns (social media, marketing, free publicity)
  • Intercultural communication